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Generation Alpha, Young but Mighty

Are you Ready for Generation Alpha? A large cohort of young individuals, the first generation to be born in the 21st century, have been quietly influencing household spending. This group has been named Generation Alpha. The oldest of this group is hitting adolescence and some are yet to be born. Generation Alpha is on track […]

How a Moderator Can Influence Your Focus Group

  Focus groups can be an excellent way to capture respondents’ thoughts, feelings, and attitudes in the way that a survey or questionnaire cannot.  A well-executed focus group can spark new ideas and understanding.  At the end of a successful group, respondents have formed a temporary community and might leave still talking amongst themselves, excited […]

Our Success Stories: Recruiting in Remote or Rural Locations

  When clients choose Eastcoast Research, they aren’t just getting a recruiting vendor – they are getting a research partner. Exceptional service to our clients is the cornerstone of our business; we are nimble, creative, responsive and able to think out-of-the-box. We provide collaboration, transparency and flexibility in our research methodologies to ensure data insights are […]

Make Social Listening Work for You in 2022

  A new year often brings predictions on what trends you can expect to see in the coming year. One trend on market researcher’s 2022 prediction list is Social Listening.  Social listening is predicted to grow as a research approach to gain insight on customer behaviors. Related:     6 Market Research Trends to Watch in […]

Market Research with the LGBTQ+ Community

The LGBTQ+ community is a growing sub-population within the United States as well as throughout North Carolina. Previous market research has identified individuals within this group have “the most disposable income of any niche market” – affecting marketing and advertising campaigns within areas such as vehicle sales, electronics, healthcare products, and tourism. As the community […]

Why Millennials Should Participate in Market Research

Did you know that almost half of all US spending is done by Millennials? Millennials are defined as people born from 1981 to 1996. Millennials are having a substantial impact on the way businesses market their products and services. Millennials are redefining what people should expect from brands across the globe because you are unbiased […]

Little Things Make the Difference: A Recruiter’s Perspective

We asked Janet, one of our most experienced recruiters, why should people participate in consumer research?   Did you ever have a fabulous experience at a store, restaurant, or hotel?  What made the experience fabulous?  Did you tell your friends and family about it?  Did you the tell the business how pleased you were?  When […]

How COVID-19 Transformed the Focus Group

Virtual vs In-Person Focus Groups It is 5:30 pm on a Tuesday and Barbara is preparing to moderate a health care focus group at 6:00 pm.  She is checking in with clients, studying the discussion guide and reviewing the respondent grid like she would for any focus group.  The difference?  She is in her own […]

Mock Jury Trials in North Carolina

For years, advertising and consumer agencies have used focus groups as a tool to “test the market” when it comes to their product, service, or advertising. In the same way, attorneys choose to utilize mock juries or legal focus groups to gain the same insight pertinent to their case. Mock juries provide attorneys with critical […]

Ever Growing Hispanic Population in North Carolina

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau data, the Hispanic population in North Carolina was 997,349 in 2018. When factoring in the average year-over-year increase in population, it can be estimated that the Hispanic population is well over 1 million strong. North Carolina is ranked #10 with the highest Hispanic population in the U.S. […]

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